From Dessert to Breakfast (or the other way around?)


November 17, 2010 by buttermilkbaker

Wanna know how good that Go-to Banana Bread recipe is?

I made it again last night.

I’m not ashamed, it’s that good.

This time I made it with all egg whites (the ones that come in a carton, it says that 3 tbsp = 1 egg so I did 6 tbsp) and all brown sugar. Still deeeelicious. I honestly think it’s indestructible, that recipe.

So here it is, with a nice cup o’ joe. This morning I experimented a bit, trying to replicate the sugar-free Cinnamon Dolce syrup I love so much at Sbux. (Why do they not sell the sugar-free version online?!)

What I did was put a few dashes cinnamon + 1 packet Equal + a splash of water in the bottom of my mug. Then I nuked it for about 10 seconds and poured the hot coffee over the top. It worked pretty well! Still needed another packet of Equal but that’s just me and my freakishly sweet taste buds.

So I promised you dessert, and here it is:

Another of my favorite Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches, rolled in pistachios. Brilliant right?

I do this because sometimes the sandwich alone leaves me unsatisfied. It’s only 140 calories, which is great, but when I’m done I feel like I could eat 8 more. The added crunch and density of the nuts really helps bulk it up.

Plus, I like smooshing the sammy over the nuts and seeing how many I can get at once.

That sounds wrong.

On that note, I’m off!

Things are a little busy around here at BwB so I apologize for the brief post! Thanksgiving can’t come soon enough.


One thought on “From Dessert to Breakfast (or the other way around?)

  1. Mags says:

    Skinny cows rolled in pistachios? I love it!

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