JD’s Chippery: My Second Home

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November 22, 2010 by buttermilkbaker

Yes, another breakfast post. No, I didn’t bake it. Glad we have that straight.

JD’s Chippery is a Dallas institution. They only serve muffins and cookies, and they are some of the best on the planet (it’s science, people).

This morning, I’m just showing you the muffin-side of the operation. What? It’s barely 9am!

Muffins, glorious glorious muffins! This morning I went with the Oat Branana, which they claim has only 2 grams of fat and is under 250 calories. JD’s isn’t exactly known for health food, so I’m a leetle skeptical…but I’ll go with it.

Couldn’t wait. Don’t judge.

Got home and heated that baby up.

Mmmmm banana goodness.

We finalized our T-giving menu last night and are planning on starting the grocery shopping today. SO. EXCITED.


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