November 25, 2010 by buttermilkbaker

IT’S HERE!!!!!

Happy, happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I hope you’re all enjoying your days, whether you’re still cooking, just sitting down to feast, or already in full-on food coma (like me). Here are some pics from our Tgiving so far:

Pre-Turkey Trot. Circa 8am. Don’t judge.

Buttermilk Mom slaving over a hot stove…

Voila! The quintessential Cheese Dish. It ain’t Thanksgiving without it.

Buttermilk Mom tying up the turkey…

Not as easy as you might think.

How. Good. Does that look.



From zee oven…

To zee table.

The whole shabang.

The old standby: baby spinach with strawberries. So simple, SO good.

Hey cheese. I like you. Imma eat you.

Sweet potatoes + cranberry-cherry-apple chutney = great combo.

Hence their placement next to each other on my plate.

Turkey, brussels, salad, cheese, cornbread dressing (not pictured), roll, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce. All in all, a pretty fabulous plate, no?

I love these bites. A little stuffing, a little turk, a little cranberry. Thanksgiving on a fork!

An insider of the roll. Flakey, buttery, and perfectly sweet, these rolls were definitely worth the extra work. (And check out my demolished plate. Practically licked clean. It’s fine.)

But the most exciting part of the whole day?!


As Buttermilk Mom said, it’s the “true mark of a chef”. That’s right. Hard.Core.

If you’ve ever seen It’s Complicated, I want to be Meryl in that movie. She owns an adorable cafe, cooks delicious homemade meals on a daily basis, makes her own ice creams (in flavors like lavender honey),  and can make chocolate croissants at the drop of a hat. There’s one scene in the movie where she’s explaining her scars to her new lover, Steve Martin (meh) and each has its own story. Like, the time she spilled hot oil making a vat of fresh beignets, or that one Christmas she tried to make caramels and it splattered all over her arm.

My scar? From pulling out a hot pan of roasted brussels sprouts.

Ohhh yeahhhh. Big leagues baby.

I can’t force another bite of food in just yet, but I have a feeling the brownies and apple-pear crisp won’t last much longer without being massacred by moi. Watching a Millionaire Matchmaker marathon in the meantime. Ideal.

One thought on “THE BIG DAY!

  1. VL says:

    Yeah for the chutney! Glad you loved it!

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