Peanut Butter Cookie Oats


December 6, 2010 by buttermilkbaker

Hey guys.

Finals are upon us.

What does that mean for BwB, you ask?

It means a lot of oats, that’s what.

But, fear not loyal BwB reader! I have some interesting twists up my sleeve. You see, we made some pretty special peanut butter cookies the other day. They had Butterfingers in them. And Reese’s. And this morning, I decided to sprinkle some of those cookies on top of my oatmeal.

It’s allowed during finals time. Didn’t you know?


Marvel at my genius.

Yup, that’s a big ole chunk of peanut buttery goodness right there. The chewiness of the PB cookie + the creaminess of the oats = breakfast heaven.

Another surprise?


I’ve been dying to try this flavor, but they never have it at our convenience store. When I saw it last night, I jumped on it immediately.

The verdict? As amazing as I’d hoped! It’s definitely more textured than regular PB, but I kinda like that. With a hint of maple flavor, and that sea salt to round it out, this almond butter is poifect on a piping hot bowl of oats.

Plus, look at that ingredient list. So simple! So delicious!

I kneaded and squeezed as much goodness out of that packet as I could. Followed up with some sea salt and banana slices, per usual.

Like so.

Oh yes.

You can even see little flecks of cinnamon throughout the oats. Victory eez mine.

And how’s about one more bowl, you know, for the effort?

An oldie, but a goodie: straight up oats with cinnamon, sea salt, a splash of vanilla and a banana (1/2 sliced in, 1/2 on top) and a whopping spoonful of PB.

Also note the increasing prevalence of coffee in these photos. That will not be changing anytime soon.

Also note the chia seeds floating around in there. I really think I can tell a difference…?!

ALSO: heads up for red velvet cupcake post. Hopefully tomorrow. Here’s a teaser for those of you waiting on the edge of your seats: (ahem, all of you…)

Teehee. Look at my pointer finger. So. Red.

SO YUMMY. Look out for zee recipe!!


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