A Christmas Collage

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December 26, 2010 by buttermilkbaker

Ahh, Christmas. How quickly you pass us by!

It’s been another long but wonderful day here in the Buttermilk home, so I hope you’ll forgive me for a lack of writing. For the record books, I present to you a Christmas collage…

Continued from yesterday: the finished cinnamon roll, drenched in maple icing.


…and cinnamony, of course. Along with a cuppa joe and the KenKen (too hard) and Xword (even harder), the perfect way to start Christmas day!

P.S. Please note our holiday sweaters. So festive of us, no?

Then it was time for stockings.

Bootch first!

Spotted: catnip mousy. I weel keel heem!

Oohh mousy…you smell niiice…*rub* *rub*

I looooove youuuu mousyyyy *rub* *rub* *rub*

Lottery tickets in the stockings. Classic! (I was the only one who won…$10!!!)


A tie!

A salad spinner!

A…deodorant pack? “Are you guys trying to tell me something?”


A pair of earrings! …except you can’t really see them. Whoops.

Then it was time for food. Lots and lots of food. To snack on while the women were slaving away in the kitchen:

Fresh rolls, grapes, peppers/celery/carrots + spinach dip.

While B-Mom cooked up the chicken, dressing, green beanies and cheeeeez, I got to work on shrooms, potatoes, and ze pie.

In fact, let’s start with the pie, shall we?

I whipped up some cream + sugar + vanilla and added a few more bananer slices, you know, for presentation points.

Have I been watching too much Iron Chef? Maybe.

So sue me.

Almost too pretty to eat.


More like pudding-pie. I was afraid of this because lots of the reviews for the recipe I used complained that their custard didn’t set up, but I hoped that subbing corn starch in for flour would avoid that problem. Turns out it didn’t. Perhaps I should have cooked it longer? It tasted delicious all the same, so we ate it anyway (obviously).

On to a real success: the mushrooms!

First I sauteed a shallot in some butter, then added the shroomies + turbinado sugar + salt + pep, and eventually some balsamic.

From kitchen to table: mushrooms in the white oval dish at far right, dotted with goat cheese. Next: roasted potatoes & roasted garlic chive sour cream, gravy, cheeeeez dish, rolls, and of course, cornbread dressing.

Plate with the additions of chicken and beans. Fuzzy pic, good food.

Now I am in a coma watching Chopped with B-Mom. Still feeling sicky, wamp wamp. Good thing she’s here to coddle me (lucky her, right?!).

Off to bed soon…how sad. I leave you with this:

I spy. Shneaky shneaky. Night and Merry Christmas!!

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