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September 18, 2011 by buttermilkbaker

What a weekend!

Starting in NYC and ending on my cozy couch in the burbs, this weekend had a liiiiittle bit of everything. I’ll spare you the details of our splendiforous shopping and culture-filled activities (are you convinced?) and stick to why we’re all really here: the food.

The Boy and I bought a coupon on Gilt City for brunch at Daniel Bouloud’s midtown restaurant, db bistro, a while ago and yesterday was the perfect day to cash it in. If you’re unfamiliar with db bistro, this is the place that made the stuffed burger famous. And I don’t mean just stuffed with the usual onions/peppers/spices. No way. At db, they fill their $32 (!!!!!) burger with truffles, braised short ribs, and foie gras.

I know.

Luckily, the special Gilt menu featured this burger extraordinaire as an entree. Not exactly brunchy but obviously we both got it. Obviously.

I present to you…the behemoth:


Needless to say we were pretty stuffed (pun intended) by the end of our meal. The Boy proclaimed it to be one of the best burgers he’d ever had. I have to say, though, I didn’t love it! I hate undercooked meat and some of the beef in the burger was suuuuper pink because of its stuffed-up nature. But the fries were fantastic.

Afterwards we shopped around, visited the Union Square Greenmarket, and headed back to suburbia. A light dinner and a few hours of Criminal Minds (any fans out there??) rounded out the day.

Now we’re up to where we left off this morning: the run. After a fairly quick/easy drive, we arrived at Rockefeller State Park for our five miler. It was a stunning day for a run and the park was appropriately rife with other runners, walkers and bikers. Despite a few missteps and wrong turns, we had a great run and felt very pleased with ourselves for not being total lazy bums like we usually are on Sunday mornings.

This was our first time running in RSP and I fully intend on doing it again and again. Perhaps one weekend I’ll even save up for a meal at Stone Barns afterwards…

For dinner tonight, I decided to go with a much brunchier choice than my choice yesterday–eggs! One egg and a generous pour of liquid egg whites brought together a combination of broccoli, tomatoes (from the farmer’s market!), corn, and truffle-oil-doused mushrooms all topped with shredded cheddar cheese. Anddd a buttload of smoked paprika. That stuff is like crack.


On the side: baby spinach & mixed greens with more cherry tomatoes, black mission figs (TJs loot), and some cracked pepper goat cheese also scored at Union Square yesterday. Plus balsamic and EVOO.



Colorful and delicious!

Off to watch the Emmy’s and Food Network/Bravo until I can’t handle looking at ridiculously good looking people anymore. Night!


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