Second-guessing gluten

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September 19, 2011 by buttermilkbaker

Dinner tonight was full of experiments.

First, I threw together a spicy-sweet-savory-garlicky turkey burger by mashing sriracha, ketchup, smoked paprika (surprised?), mustard, minced garlic, salt and pepper into a mound of ground turkey. Then I placed said mash into a hot pan and seared that sucker til it had a nice peppery crust. A minute or two later I flipped the patty and turned the heat down low to let the meat cook through without getting dry. (Putting the lid on the pan helps with this, too.)

My SSSG turkey burg turned out faaaabulous and hardly needed the dollop of ketchup I put next to it! (But I obviously ate that anyway. Never say no to ketchup.)


To up the green factor on my plate, I tossed together another fig/tomato/goat cheese salad with baby spinach and a mesclun mix. This counterbalanced the brown hockey puck and fluffy white donut nicely, I think.

*Ummm*…what’s so experimental about that again? A new turkey burger recipe + a repeat salad from last night doesn’t exactly sound revolutionary, I agree.

But what about these?


Ever tried ’em?

Neither had I. But a variety of tummy issues + article after article heralding the benefits of a GF diet, I gave in. Last night before bed I even declared this week GLUTEN FREE TEST WEEK. It’s true–check the hot pink post-it by my bed.


*cue terrible bedside table lamplit iPhone pic*

Anyway…how did this ‘bagel’ TASTE? In a word: fannntastic!! Seriously, a quick toast and slather of butter made this sucker so moist and tasty I didn’t even miss its gluten-laden brother. (I’m looking at you, Ess-A-Bagel.)

As an absolute carb fiend, the thought of going gluten-free scares the bread-loving bejesus out of me. But the thought of having more energy and no more tummy troubles is too appealing to pass up…and now Udi’s bagels have at least lessened my anxiety. I’m so excited to try more of their products–and to see how I feel after this week! I’ll report back to you guys, obbbbviously.

For my GF dessert:


Grapes, strawbs, nectarine & Chobani cherry. Delish.


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