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September 20, 2011 by buttermilkbaker

This is what arrived on my doorstep this afternoon.


A treasure trove of GF goodies!!! Coconut flour, buckwheat cereal, and even GF oats (even though oats are technically gluten-free on their own, they’re often cross-contaminated by non-GF foods in the factory). Oh and a drum of stevia. Can never have too much!

Anywho. Another day, another run, another delicious, nutritious, and certifiably ginormous dinner.

First up: the run. I took a super blurry pic just to document for you guys. You’re welcome.

I ran 3.1 because I walked for about .1 at the beginning (for a minute) and wanted to get my full running time. Aka 26:16 – 1 minute = 25:16 for 3 miles. I’ve been really trying to increase my speed lately–in preparation for an 8 mile race in November–so this average of ~8:24 is extreeeemely exciting to me. Especially after averaging more like 9:45 during my half marathon training earlier this year. Eee!!


Next, dinner. I saw turkey tacos on foodgawker last night and knew right then that I’d be making up a batch of my own tonight. Only adjustment was turning the tacos into taco salad. No tortillas means more room for delicious toppings. Thus, taco salad > tacos. Ipso facto. Hence. Such as. The Iraq. (<— remember that?! Fast forward to 1:08)

Sooo I cooked up some ground turkey with salsa + fajita seasoning + smoked paprika + salt n peppa. While that was working, I boiled some water for my quick cooking bag-o’-brown rice. What? Don’t pretend you don’t use those. (Or if you actually don’t…stop judging and try it. It’s awesome.)


I also tossed together some baby spinach, cherry tomatoes and yes, even figs. Can’t stop, won’t stop. Then, chopped broccoli, sweet corn, and Trader Joe’s fat free refried beans went into the simmering turkey sauce. All good things. Very, very good things.

And for those nubians who are jealous of my beautiful plating skills, this is how I work my magic: half ton of salad on one side of the plate, huge mash of warm ingredients on the other. Spoon side dish (here, cooked rice) somewhere in the middle yet off to the side and sprinkle generously with spices. Then, ever so carefully, sprinkle salad with special garnish (fresh pieces of avocado). Serve with Frank’s and Diet Dr. Pepper. Always.

This meal ruled. The meat was super savory thanks to the fajita seasoning, while the figs, tomatoes and corn lent a subtle sweetness to the dish. The creamy beans found balance in the chewy rice. And the salad made for a perfect combination of rich flavors and fresh texture in every bite.

I. Am. Stuffed.

…just in time for a Rachel Zoe marathon. Great.

P.S. Any ideas for what to make with coconut flour?! I’m all ears!


2 thoughts on “I <3 iHerb

  1. abbyiherb says:

    Hi. My name is Abby and I’m just stopping by to say “Thanks” for mentioning iHerb in your blog post. That’s really appreciated. 🙂 When you get a chance, can you please drop me an email at abby-a at iherb dot come?

  2. john34 says:

    good post. It was easy to read. I’m going to follow you.

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