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September 23, 2011 by buttermilkbaker

Dinner tonight was an old standby: turkey meat sauce. Ground turkey cooked up in a pan with marinara sauce and whatever veggies your stomach desires (or your fridge provides.) For me that included mushrooms and broccoli. Onions, peppers, or heck even eggplant would work. The choice is yours!


I tried to serve my sauce with some new noodles I bought online…but they stunk. Both literally and figuratively. Literally because the liquid they came in (yes, they arrived swimming in goo) smelled like fish guts. And figuratively because they felt like rubber worms in my mouth. Fish guts + rubber worms = bad noodles.

Go figure. (p.s. They were those shirataki noodles in case anyone’s wondering.)


Sooo at the last minute I swapped in brown rice (from last night’s dinner) for the fishy “noodles” and threw together the same ole salad on the side. Toasted Udi’s bagel with butter and minced garlic makes for super quick and tasty garlic bread, too! All in all a satisfying meal.

For dessert, a nice hunk (or three) of dark chocolate with almonds and vanilla frozen yogurt. A recycled photo (envision massive blocks of dark chocolate in place of the sliced bananer) for your viewing pleasure:


Tomorrow is FRIDAY, people! Freedom!!!


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