One of my best dinners yet

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September 29, 2011 by buttermilkbaker

Let’s keep this short and sweet. First, I survived my field trip. With both my sanity and all of my limbs. Win-win!

When I got home there was about a negative 80% chance I was going to the gym. No siree bob, it was just me, the couch, and the BAU at Quantico (Criminal Minds again) this afternoon tonight.

So I figured I could at the very least make something new for dinner. Behold, a non-mashy-jumbled-mess-of-food!


Twice baked sweet tater with corn, cheddar, red bell pep and BBQ sauce alongside some chopped avocado and roasted broccoli. Oh and a bagel. What?! I was hungry.


…clearly that wasn’t enough to satisfy my 4th grade appetite because 30 min later I whipped up this weirdo concoction of pumpkin, milk, coconut flour, sweetener, and baking powder. Oh and some flax (for binding purposes). Nuked for a few mins and topped with shards of Ghirardelli’s amaaaazing new chocolate, plus some sunseed butter. The chocolate got all melty and delicious in there and I just about died.


Until this happened. Add toasted coconut and I officially die. Because everything’s better with toasted coconut.




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