To the city…and back

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October 4, 2011 by buttermilkbaker

Happppy October!

Um, when did that happen? I seriously feel like yesterday was August 1st…and it’s October 3rd. Where have I been? What have I been doing? Who am I?

Don’t mind me.

So here are some catch-up pics from the weekend and then I’ll get to tonight’s eats.

First up: truffle mozzarella crepe from Bar Suzette at Madison Square Eats. Literally, a crepe sprinkled doused in freshly shredded mozz, truffle salt and truffle oil. Ohhhh my cheese.


And how cute is their stand??? THEY EVEN OFFER GF CREPES.


…no, I didn’t order it. I didn’t want to risk it. In this case, taste trumped GI tract.



Moving on…here’s the only memento from one of the best meals I’ve had in a while (and, appropriately, probably the worst photo I’ve ever posted on BwB): pear and cranberry crisp with brown sugar ice cream from Blue Smoke.


This came at the end of an eatathon of Man vs. Food proportions. Iceberg wedge with bleu cheese and bacon dressing. Pulled pork platter over housemade white bread (…gluten free what?…) with pit beans, sesame cole slaw, corn on the cob and a bite of the Boy’s cornbread. Because one form of corn simply isn’t enough at a BBQ feast.

From Sunday: lunch at Broome Street Bar. Tuna salad sammy on rye for me, never-ending nachos for him. Equally satisfying meals for a crisp Sunday afternoon!


The side salad was the perfect complement, too! Thinly sliced cuke + teeny shrooms with an herby vinaigrette. Very refreshing.


And now here I am, back in the ‘burbs, cooking bowls of mashed up goodness for myself. Tonight featured something new–stir fry!


I chopped up some onion, red bell pepper, and butternut squash (okay okay I bought it pre-chopped. Sue me.) and threw it in a hot pan with salt, pep, and smoked paprika. While that got going, I set up a pot of boiling water for the brown rice I knew I wanted to serve the fry over.


Once the onions started getting translucent, I tossed in some broccoli and frozen corn. It was about now that I threw the brown rice boil-in-bag into the pot, knowing I was about 10 mins away from being done with the veg.

Then came the best and easiest part. With the heat turned down to low, I cracked a whole large brown egg into the pan and let it fry up and bring all the veggies together into one glorious savory mess.

A few squirts of sriracha on top and it was ready for inhaling.


…followed not long after by a whole honeycrisp apple chopped and dusted in cinnamon. Perfection.

New RHOBH and Most Eligible Dallas on tonight. Must go. Night!

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