To wake up early or not to wake up early?


October 6, 2011 by buttermilkbaker

That is the question.

Since starting my new job, I’ve been struggling with finding a morning routine I like. In the past I’ve woken up and had a leisurely breakfast with the NYT xword puzzle…or DVR’d episodes of Say Yes to the Dress.

What, you don’t love SYTTD? I find it uplifting.

Anywayyy since now I’m expected to be at school + ready for action by 7:30, I no longer have that luxury. So far I’ve been bringing my bfast into the classroom and scarfing my food while reading blogs lesson planning in about 15 mins. Exhibit A:



Mmmm Tupperware. Not exactly my idea of a relaxing or soothing (or appetizing-looking?) way to start the day.

The problem is that if I eat much earlier than 7, I’m hungry by 10:30 and want to chomp my kids’ heads off (more than I already do) before lunch finalllyyyyyy arrives at noon. Halp!

So this morning I tested a new plan. I woke up at 5:30 and ever-so-slowly relished my delicious pumpkin oats over the new Rachel Zoe episode. They were awesome. The oats and RZ. Unfortunately I didn’t snap a pic of the food…sowwy.

As expected, I was starving by 10:30 so I grabbed another naner from the cafeteria and gobbled it down in .2 seconds. Worked pretty well! Just a little more sugar than I wanted in my system so early in the day.

Lunch rolled around, then classclassclassRECESSclassartclubhome. Went for a quickie run after polishing off the last nugget of a Ginger snap Larabar (loved it!) and made dinner. Another mishmash leftover remix. This time:


Last night’s sausage/butternut squash/caramelized onion/mushroom ragout combined with sauteed tomatoes, corn, more onions and shrooms. Add in an egg (protein!) and roasted broccoli and more butt. squash (ha) andddd you’re done!


Purdy, ain’t she?

Don’t answer that.

Followed by this beaut:


That would be a slice of Life Is Good’s GF brown rice bread slathered in a cinnamony pumpkin/stevia/almond milk mixture and toasted for a few minutos. Alongside a honeycrisp apple sprinkled with–surprise!–more cinnamon. Fall on a plate.


THIS WAS AWESOME. Super doughy, slightly sweet and subtly spicay. A lot like real pumpkin bread without all that baking fuss.

P.S. I miss gluten about zero percent. I feel so much better: less irritable, less tired, less lethargic, and yes, less bloated. No, I haven’t cut it out completely (especially on weekends seeing that it’s physically impossible for me to resist an Essabagel) but I like avoiding it as much as I can whenever I can. During the week my meals are not only completely GF, but absolutely dericious. That’s a victory in my book.

Anddddd now I’m zonked and need to shower (ew) and Night!


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