Goodbye, GF!


October 18, 2011 by buttermilkbaker

Okay not really.

Well, sort of.

Let me explain. I started re-introducing gluten into my diet last week. While I love how I feel without it, I don’t love the constant hesitation and over-analyzing it causes when thinking about my next meal. Ultimately what I decided is this: I’ll avoid gluten (and overly processed wheat products, like boxed crackers/cookies/etc.) when I can and/or want to, and I’ll aim to reduce the amount of wheat in my diet on the whole. But if I’m craving pizza or pasta or a big slice of artisan bread…by golly, Immona have it!

And have it I did.

A whooolleee lot of it. Pics from the weekend:


1. Egg in a hole in a thick slice of artisan sourdough bread from Whole Foods. Amazing.



Run, baby, run!!!




2. Apple picking! We scored a decent bundle of fresh apples, but I have to say that my first foray into this storied New England tradition was a bit of a flop. The angsty teenage boy at the orchard told us right off the bat that there weren’t any apples left…


Lessons to be learned: a) don’t listen to angsty teenage boys (we walked out with almost a dozen and a half apples!), b) remember to stop and smell the apples crisp fall air, c) go earlier in the season. Wamp wamp.



Oh, and d) buy lots of apple cider donuts. These babies were yummy.




3. Pizza Friday. Rapidly becoming my favorite Friday evening ritual. This was made with multigrain pizza dough from Whole Foods, homemade 3 Ingredient Marinara, bell pepper, spicy turkey sausage, mushrooms and fresh grated asiago fresco. Amazing.




4. Pizza…Monday?


This time, with some nice green stuff on the side. Those would be Pam-sauteed sugar snap peas, broccoli, and–random, I know–some matchstick-diced apple. At the last minute, I realized the meal was pretty heavy on the savory-salty tastes, and I wanted some crisp sweetness to break it up. The result? Exactly what I’d hoped! A subtle yet significant note of sweet acidity to cut through the creamy cheese, hearty marinara, and spicy jalapeno chicken sausage.


It was too good not to make again.


Welcome back, gluten. Here’s hoping you don’t blow me up like a walrus.


One thought on “Goodbye, GF!

  1. tennisweetie16 says:

    Gorgeous pictures BB! Your vegetables have beautiful colors too!

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