Weekend Treats

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November 7, 2011 by buttermilkbaker


Well, that’s one way to start Sunday off on the right foot.

I had particularly interesting experience at the bagel shop this morning. While waiting in line, I perused the endless variety of cream cheeses that make Ess-a-Bagel my personal heaven. Being the indecisive and high maintenance person that I am, I ultimately decided I’d ask for a half-and-half combo. Yes, I know it’s a pain in the butt, and yes, I know they’re busy enough, but I just couldn’t choose between apple cinnamon and cinnamon raisin walnut. I JUST COULDN’T. So, I gave my bagel guy a big smile and made my persnickety request in the sweetest voice my vocal chords could handle.

All seemed well, and I slowly made my way to the register. That’s when I saw it. That smiley face, greeting me by the cashier. Partially cute, mostly partially creepy–I quickly gave them my cash, chuckled, and high-tailed it outta there.


But then I got home and unwrapped my masterpiece. Haunting clown face or not, this bagel rocked.


The money shot: thick, bready, and dense with a perfect chewy crust and gobs and gobs of sweet cream cheese. Ohhhhhhhhhyesssssssssyesyes.

Next up on my list o’ treats: Angela’s GF chocolate chip cookies!


Technically, hers are GF and vegan, and while mine didn’t have eggs, I did use real butter.


Can’t say I regret it.

These cookies are absolutely incredible. The oat flour + almond flour combination is unbeatable, infusing the cookies with a deep nuttiness you just can’t get otherwise. Yes, they are thin but if properly undercooked, they are the perfect balance between chewy and crispy. The only adjustment I made (aside from the buttah) was using random bits of chocolate bars I’ve had lying around, including Trader Joe’s dark chocolate with caramel and sea salt, Equal Exchange dark chocolate with almonds, and Ghirardelli sea salt soiree.

Ummmmmmmmmm, best cookies I’ve ever made? Potentially.

Continuing with the chocolate theme…my breakfast from yesterday morning:


Banana whipped oats with PB&Co dark chocolate dreams, pan-seared banana, and coconut flakes. With a side of peppermint mocha-laced coffee.

I’m ashamed to say this made me yearn for Christmastime. Don’t worry, no Christmas music has been played and no decorations have been purchased…yet.


Annnnyway, the sliced banana gets a lovely roasted flavor from the pan-frying and the addition of coconut automatically makes me think Almond Joy. Aka one of my favorite candies, ever. Yeah, this might be my new go-to combo.


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