Waldorf Chicken Salad, etc.

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November 24, 2010 by buttermilkbaker

Boy am I behind in posting. You have so much to look forward to!

Let’s start with the Waldorf Chix. Buttermilk Mom made some delicious baked chicken breasts last night, so I chopped up one of the leftovers and mixed it with Miracle Whip, grapes, pecans and salt&pep for a quick and yummy din. Here’s the breakdown:

Served on a bed of baby spinach and sliced strawberries, and a hearty slice of Whole Foods’ Seeduction bread

So seedy. So seductive. So seeductive.


Working backwards, I’ll show you a pic from lunch:

Clockwise from left: Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Brown Butter Sage sauce (recipe coming soon!), spinach salad with strawberries, more seeduction bread, and Buttermilk Mom’s scrumptious spicy marinara whole wheat penne. A little starch heavy, maybe, but it’s the holidays! (Right?)

I needed those carbs today, that’s for sure. Working on job applications and Christmas gifts is not as easy as you think. It was gorgeous here though, and a cooool 76 degrees. No complaints there.

Oh, and here’s breakfast for you:

Yup, those are Cheerios. Multigrain Cheerios to be exact (similar to Team Cheerios–I never see those anymore!), with about a cup of unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze and sliced naner.

Simplicity at its finest.

Going to see the new Harry Potter tonight–sooo excited!!! Little brother’s debating a costume. I might have to do the same.


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