Lazy girl’s guide to grocery shopping (or lack thereof)

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September 28, 2011 by buttermilkbaker

I don’t like buying ingredients for recipes.

Around the holidays, maybe. For a special birthday cake, sure. But on a daily basis, I’d rather use what I already have to make my dinners. The challenge is to use and combine them in new ways to keep things interesting.

Sound like that’s easier said than done? I beg to differ. Here’s how I make it work:


Yes, that would be the dry erase board in my kitchen right now. Scary? Maybe. Helpful? Heck yes!

On the upper left you’ll see the “what I have:” heading followed by a longgg list of stuff. Here I try to include my most recent purchases as well as pantry staples and especially older items that I know I need to use up. I like the dry erase board method because it’s easy to erase/add things and it’s suuuper easy to read/work from.


So tonight I took the shrooms, broc, tomatoes, corn, GF pasta (!!), and chicken breast to make a truffle-oil-and-garlic infused primavera pasta dish. Aka pasta with sauteed chicken, mushrooms & broccoli sauteed in truffle oil, sweet corn (fresh!…out of a freezer bag), and raw cherry tomaters.


And a baby spinach salad on the side with the last of my figgies and goat cheese + balsamic. A great, great combo.


So now not only have I polished off some valuable produce before it went bad, but I have leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch! Possibilities for tomorrow’s dinner? Stir fry with broccoli, bell pepper, corn, and sriracha; veggie omelet with avocado and baked sweet potato with cheddar; curry chicken with brown rice and roasted broc. Or some other kooky combination of my ingredients I haven’t thought of yet. I saw a recipe for pumpkin-laced chicken enchiladas recently…hmmm.

Anywho I’m off to prep for the day…it’s our first field trip of the year. Yikes. Hopefully this will ease my pain. Night!




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