3 Ingredient Marinara


October 7, 2011 by buttermilkbaker

I know. It sounds impossible, right?

Or boring. Or tasteless. Or just plain lame.

But I swear! This marinara sauce is the real deal. It’s super flavorful. Light yet buttery, savory yet fresh, full of unadulterated tomato goodness.

Canned whole (peeled) tomatoes.



It’s as simple as that! Really really. Pour your tomatoes (I used San Marzanos) into a pot with some buttah and an onion and let simmer away. If using the whole 28 oz. can, you’ll want about 5 tbsp of butter and a whole medium onion, chopped in half and plopped into the pot. Yup, plopped. Science people.

I cut the recipe down to 1/4 of the original (taken from Iowa Girl Eats, one of my first and most favoritest bloggers!) so I used about 1 tbsp of the good stuff and 1/4 of a decent-sized onion. In the end I think it simmered for about half an hour; all I did was stir and break up the tomatoes every few mins while getting everything else ready.

And no, you won’t miss the herbs. Not the oregano, not the parsley, not the garlic. This is coming from an herb fiend. I promise you. This is simplicity at its best.


Including…another GF pasta! This time I went with some brown rice spirals. They were delish.


Side note: so far the only difference I’ve noticed in cooking GF vs. regular pasta is that you’re actually supposed to rinse the GF in cold water after cooking to keep it from getting gummy. This is, of course, a major no-no for your usual spaghetti as rinsing would strip normal noodles of all their starchy pasta water glory.

Back to dinner. In addition to the marinara, I cooked up one turkey sausage link with garlic and mushrooms while also roasting broccoli (shocking!) and some sweet potato. To speed up the cooking process for the tuber, I nuked it first for about 2 mins. This way, it had already started baking by the time it entered the oven–ensuring creamy insides and crispy outsides. Awesome.

In the end, dins came together in about 45 minutes.


And dessert, in about 3.


Cottage cheese + Libby’s pumpkin (sweetened with stevia and cinnamon) + chopped apple. Ohmygodsogood.



One thought on “3 Ingredient Marinara

  1. FreeEats says:

    How lovely. I am a huge fan of recipes that allow the ingredients to shine. We are drowning in fresh tomatoes right now and one of my favorite marinara recipes is similar to this….ok, ok, it has 4 ingredients but, it feels like less effort then it took to walk to the garden and pick the tomatoes!

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